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Who We Are?

About Us | Macpower Industries

Macpower Industries founded in 1985 to manufacture Heavy Duty & Light Duty Centre Lathe Machines, on a tiny basis. Gradually and steadily the progress was on the way towards the success and achieved the Land Mark of 18,000 machines running successfully all over India as well as abroad in the year 2017, With wholehearted support and encouragement from dealers and customers, today our brands TURNER and TURBO are the most trusted and acceptable name in the Machine Tools Industries.

Mr. Rupesh Mehta being a dynamic personality, the company under his experience, expert guidance and with a well-qualified team of engineers started developing varieties of machines viz. Light Duty / Heavy Duty Lathes / Medium Duty Upper / Under Counter Lathes, Medium Duty All Geared Head Lathes & Heavy Duty All Geared Head Lathe Machines, Semi-automatic and Fully automatic horizontal Milling Machines thus making a “WIDE RANGE WIDE CHOICE” for the customer.

From the beginning, the Motto of the company was very clear to manufacture quality products only. The same is strongly adopted by the company still today because only the quality stands for long-lasting. Nowadays our production is nearly 50 machines per month with a range of products.

The company is highly committed to continuously improve it’s Quality Management System by designing the product per customer requirements as well as manufacture and supply cost-effective and quality products on time, All the machines are strictly inspected as per the IS test Charts viz. IS 1878 (part I)-1993 for Lathes and IS 2200-1973 for Milling Machines. All the product manufacturing under strict quality control with a team of highly qualified engineers, supported by technically advanced and precision machines and fully equipped R & D Department, Quality control Department, and Standard Room.

You have a job to do-quickly and accurately – you need a tool that offers direction without distraction.

  • Mission

    We are aiming to manufacture all the lathe machines with fully equipped workshop with high-tech machines to produce the best quality machines with cost-effectiveness. We are also aiming to offer single point turning solution for Indian Industries, which includes all type of turnings.
  • Infrastructure

    We have well equipped workshop with required machineries and equipments with highly qualified team of engineers.We have 7,000 Sq. Ft. floor area of workshop for quality machine manufacturing . We have full fledge machine shop equipped with latest machines.Our team of highly educated and experienced engineers, who are ever ready and aggressive for quality products and production.
  • Management Team

    We have a strong management team of highly devoted and educated personalities including Mr. Rupesh Mehta who is the owner of the Organization.All the department works with a spiritual team spirit under guidance of Mr. Rupesh Mehta. Because of this we have achieved no. 1 Rank in the Machine Tool Industry of Rajkot.

Quality Control

Creating best products today requires much more than a product design tool. Not only you need a full set of intuitive MCAD tools, you also need the power and performance to get the job done – without sacrificing part, product or process. Moreover, you need a tool that connects the entire team, with cross-discipline, cross-platform, cross-continent approach that will diametrically increase both personal and process productivity.

Our CAD center is fully equipped with the latest generation of CAD workstations. All design engineers work on CAD stations. We use Pro-ENGINEER for Reduction in Design thru out time. Ensuring mistake-proof design through it’s Parametric / Associative properties.To cop up with the rapid globalization, we drop prototype testing by checking the operation and function of mechanism on moving part during the early design phase by mechanism design extension of Pro-ENGINEER.

Quality Control | Macpower Industries

Deliver higher quality products to meet tighter schedules Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of critical machine structure carried out, thereby improving credibility product.We would like to offer our “products” that enable our customers to make full use of their abilities, make achievement higher than expected and sell dreams while being impressed and having hope in Producing their products.

Closer tolerances and pride in workmanship, along with strict quality control are what makes our machines the logical choice for users.The goal of our Industries is always to pursue the best satisfaction for customers, the best development for employees and the best contribution to society.

Innovation is the specific instrument of entrepreneurship The act that endows resources with a new capacity to create wealth.

Group of company

Macpower CNC Machines Ltd.

Macpower CNC Machines Ltd.

Macpower CNC Machines Ltd. (Macpower) welcomes you to the world of machining excellence. Two decades of experience and the vision towards creating a niche have what transformed Macpower into India’s fastest growing CNC Manufacturing Company. This meteoric growth is a result of Macpower’s vision par excellence to manufacture state of the art products, adopting the best in technology.

The company drives inspiration from Mr. Rupesh Mehta, President who has added value, with his experience and knowledge in this sector.Macpower Group comprises Modern Machine Tools, Macpower Industries, and Macpower CNC Machines Ltd. The journey of Macpower Group began with its startup of Macpower Industries in 1985 and from then, it went on to become a reputed company with its brand TURNER LATHE, well-known in Indian and worldwide Machine Tool markets.

Modern Machine Tools

Modern Machine Tools

Modern Machine Tools have completed 40 years of our journey in supplying quality machines and machine tools with the backing of reputed manufacturers from different part of the country, mainly we deal with Zither, Seco, MEW, MMT, Malik, Rajlaxmi, Jivan, Turner, Turbo, Saraswati, New Bharat, Bosch, Hitachi, Suguna, SEC, Jaswant, Niku, NK, Karachi, Shailesh, Rajesh etc.

In this long journey of 40 years, we have supplied thousands of various machines & machinery to our many valued customers throughout the country, which includes Micro, Small, Medium and Large scale industries, Technical Institutions and exporters. We have a wide range in Work Shop Machinery, Woodworking Machinery, Sheet Metal, and Garage (Automobile) Machinery, Shipping & Building Machinery, Packaging Machines and Machine Tools.